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Hey, I’m Manny Garza, and I work with business leaders and their teams to build realistic marketing strategies that grow the business bigger than it is today.   

Over 80% of US companies acknowledge that their marketing strategy is active but lacks sophistication. Hence, one of the biggest opportunities for most companies is the ability to radically level-up their effectiveness if they knew what worked and what to work on first.

Here are some of the common traits among companies I help:

  • Plenty of marketing tactics but a lack of confidence in the current plan to reach annual goals
  • Online assets aren’t helping to achieve the sales plan
  • A lack of consistency and inability to get all the “marketing stuff” done
  • Frustration with the inability to adequately and confidently describe the business without feeling contrived

I’ve spent 25+ years behind the scenes bridging the gap between sales, marketing and branding to produce year-over-year growth. Most notably was the 9+ years I spent as the vice president of marketing and sales strategy at one of Toyota’s primary marketing agencies. My clients also include companies in automotive, health care, technology, software development, oil and gas, telecommunications, data analytics, insurance and one of the largest non-profits in the country.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from an extensive career in marketing as a practitioner and as a consultant is that numbers (sales) mean everything in the short term, and heart (brand) means everything in the long term.

Digital strategies that ignore sales get ignored by the board of directors — digital strategies that ignore brand get ignored by customers.